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What is the Sunbeam?

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The Sunbeam is a lightweight and portable flashlight and charger with a 8000mah high-capacity battery that can charge an iPhone over 5 1/2 times! Using modern lithium ion polymer technology, the battery can hold it's charge at over 90% for an entire year, ensuring it's ready to use when you really need it. Just plug in your phone into the standard USB receptacle and the Sunbeam will automatically start charging it. Charging the Sunbeam itself is incredibly easy using a standard micro-usb cable. As a bonus the Sunbeam also features a standard barrel jack that allows it to charge via wall adapter or even a Solar Panel! The Sunbeam light is rated to last over 100,000 hours at a powerful 200 lumen and features a wide-angle lens with a 120 degree cone. Utilizing the Sunbeam's battery it's rated to run for over 20 hours at full intensity. It also accepts modular light filters which can be used to tint the light to a different color from the standard white. A special attachment-ring can be clipped on to allow the Sunbeam to be attached to bikes, strollers or any object using a powerful flex-arm and clamp. Light weight and very rugged, the chassis is constructed to be water proof using an innovative sealing ring that wraps around the critical external ports. The sunbeam is controlled using a water proof capacitive touch interface and can even be controlled using Bluetooth to output SOS, Morse Code patterns or even be used as a camera flash or fill light. It's an essential survival item for every car and bug-out-bag but also very practical to take when backpacking or for days trips where outlets are a luxury.
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